Tesla Model 2’s Demise Will Not Matter Because Affordable EVs Are Already Here: Analyst

There is a continuing uproar over decisions being made in Austin as a result of the electric vehicle community’s apparent outrage over Tesla’s recent disclosures. The Tesla Model 2, which was meant to provide mass-market consumers with dependable, reasonably priced zero-emission mobility, may or may not come to pass. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, … Read more

Mastering Your Tesla: 10 Essential Tips for New Owners in 2023

As a new owner of a 2023 Tesla, you may be wondering how to make the most of your investment. Here are ten essential tips to help you get started. Especially in the EV market, Tesla has been a leader in automotive technology, producing some of the most well-rounded electric vehicles. Modern performance and technology … Read more

Tesla is offering a $6,300 discount on all new cars in stock.

In a surprising move, Tesla has slashed prices of new and low-mileage inventory vehicles by as much as $6,300 in the United States. The discounts are available for all models, including the Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X. The discounts are reportedly due to a number of factors, including increased competition in … Read more

Upgrading from a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y: Is the Crossover Worth It?

The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are two of the most popular electric vehicles (EVs) on the market. They offer a combination of performance, range, and features that have made them a favorite among EV shoppers. But if you’re already a Tesla owner, you may be wondering if it’s worth upgrading to the Crossover. … Read more

Tesla’s $2 Billion Investment in India Hinges on EV Import Tax Reductions

Tesla’s potential $2 billion investment in India is creating a buzz in the global electric vehicle (EV) landscape. This move, contingent on India reducing its hefty import taxes on EVs, could be a significant milestone in the global EV market. At present, India imposes a steep import tax—up to 100% for EVs exceeding $40,000 and … Read more

Tesla’s Potential to Drive Down EV Prices in 2023: A Glimpse into a More Affordable Electric Future

The electric vehicle (EV) market is rapidly expanding as consumers and businesses recognize the environmental and economic benefits of switching from gasoline-powered vehicles. While EVs have traditionally been more expensive than their gasoline counterparts, the cost of EV technology is rapidly decreasing, making them increasingly affordable for a wider range of consumers. Tesla, a pioneer … Read more