At EVgo’s DC Fast Chargers, you can now use plug and charge with over 50 electric vehicles.

More than fifty battery-powered cars are now included in the Plug & Charge capability, thanks to an expansion by EVgo, one of the biggest DC fast charging providers in the US.

The technology, which the firm refers to as Autocharge+, basically means that owners who have everything configured in their accounts may fill up their vehicles at an EVgo DC fast charger without having to swipe a card or open a smartphone app.

The Acura ZDX, Cadillac Lyriq, Chevrolet Blazer EV, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Kia EV6, Nissan Ariya, Polestar 2, and Toyota bZ4X are some of the vehicles that are compatible. With a CCS Combo 1 adaptor, the Tesla Model X, Y, S, and 3 can also utilize this capability.

DC Fast Chargers
Source: InsideEv

After more places deploy the Tesla-designed plug, the feature will also be activated on EVgo’s NACS-equipped stalls.According to EVgo, EVs with CCS connectors that enable two-way vehicle data sharing are the only ones eligible for Autocharge+. Customers must enroll their cars in the EVgo smartphone app by scanning the VIN of the vehicle in order to activate Plug & Charge. A button labeled “Request to Enroll” will appear if the car qualifies.

The next step is to start a fast-charging session by physically traveling to an EVgo DC fast charging station. In this step, EVgo receives the car’s unique ID, which is subsequently connected to the user’s account.

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For EV owners who simply want to top up and go, there is less effort thanks to the comparable capability offered by the Tesla Supercharger network, ChargePoint, EV Connect, and Electrify America.

Stacey Stewart, SVP of Charging at EVgo, stated, “Providing EV drivers with a convenient, streamlined charging experience is key to achieving widespread EV adoption in the U.S.” Autocharge+ accomplishes just that. “Through our collaboration with automakers and ongoing interoperability testing with new and existing EV models, EVgo continues to enhance the customer experience across the network for everyone – no matter which EV model they choose to drive.”

According to EVgo, the feature is limited to its DC rapid charging stations. This implies that users wishing to top off at a Level 2 EVgo charger will still need to use the app or make a card payment.

Across more than 35 states, EVgo now offers over 950 rapid charging stations.

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