Exclusive: Disappointing News for Fans – Chevy Blazer High Country Not Coming

General Motors reintroduced the Chevy Blazer nameplate for the 2019 model year, pulling the sheets on an attractive, all-new midsize crossover. Now in its sixth model year for 2024, the Chevy Blazer has shown decent sales performance in its segment over the years. Critically, GM Authority has learned that the ICE-based Chevy Blazer crossover will not offer a new range-topping High Country trim level.

Not to be confused with the all-electric Chevy Blazer EV, the ICE-based Blazer crossover was mid-pack in terms of sales in the midsize and full-size mainstream crossover segments during the third quarter of the 2023 calendar year, netting 15,515 units sold during that timeframe. Concerning sales ranking in this rather crowded vehicle segment, the Chevy Blazer was ahead of the GMC Acadia and Subaru Ascent, and behind the Toyota Grand Highlander and Dodge Durango:

Chevy Blazer
Chevy Blazer
MODELQ3 23 / Q3 22Q3 23Q3 22Q3 23 SHAREQ3 22 SHAREYTD 23 / YTD 22YTD 23YTD 22
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE+51.71%57,91538,17613%9%+5.98%182,871172,545
HYUNDAI SANTA FE+24.03%35,02028,2348%7%+11.65%96,16286,129
FORD EXPLORER-36.79%33,70953,3267%12%-11.59%138,132156,243
CHEVROLET TRAVERSE+27.30%32,31825,3887%6%+44.92%100,99969,694
KIA TELLURIDE+12.97%28,69725,4036%6%+16.16%83,98172,296
HONDA PILOT-3.28%26,61427,5176%6%+11.42%82,39773,952
VOLKSWAGEN ATLAS-3.41%24,90825,7875%6%-1.00%65,53666,199
KIA SORENTO-2.88%24,81925,5555%6%+4.68%67,62664,600
FORD EDGE+49.76%24,21716,1705%4%+4.55%70,70167,623
HYUNDAI PALISADE-3.52%19,41020,1194%5%-7.68%58,85763,756
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER-44.23%17,99732,2724%7%-15.98%138,178164,451
DODGE DURANGO-13.77%16,47319,1044%4%+35.50%53,58239,543
TOYOTA GRAND HIGHLANDER*15,554*3%0%*24,3760
CHEVROLET BLAZER-11.40%15,51517,5113%4%-3.47%48,85850,615
GMC ACADIA+6.89%15,39814,4063%3%+42.17%55,54839,072
SUBARU ASCENT-8.95%13,74015,0913%3%+1.87%46,88146,022
NISSAN PATHFINDER+2.97%13,69913,3043%3%+50.18%56,44237,582
MAZDA CX-90*11,564*3%0%*17,2680
HONDA PASSPORT-9.19%9,54310,5092%2%+8.94%33,34730,611
MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER+30.12%9,3407,1782%2%+9.98%33,52230,481
TOYOTA VENZA+77.61%5,9803,3671%1%-4.51%22,08723,131
NISSAN MURANO-8.25%5,1185,5781%1%+17.56%26,30622,377
MAZDA CX-9-98.89%817,2890%2%-25.69%17,44023,469

That all said, one of the most glaringly obvious things currently missing from the ICE-based Blazer lineup is a range-topping High Country trim level. Typically, Chevy offers a High Country trim on its various utility vehicles and pickup trucks. However, this isn’t the case for the ICE-based Blazer.

As it stands, the top of the ICE-based Blazer lineup is shared by two trims, specifically the Blazer Premier and Blazer RS, both of which offers its own distinct features and persona. The Premier, for example, is offered as the more elegant and luxurious option, while the RS takes a sportier approach.

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Nevertheless, we can’t help but think how enticing a Chevy Blazer High Country trim would actually be. Throw in some rich brown leather upholstery to sweeten the deal even further.

Chevy Blazer
Chevy Blazer

To note, Chevy has also decided not to offer an ICE-based Blazer Activ or Z71, as GM Authority was the first to report.

As a reminder, the ICE-based Blazer is available with two engine options, including the turbocharged 2.0L I4 LSY gasoline engine and the naturally aspirated 3.6L V6 LGX gasoline engine. The GM C1 platform provides the underpinnings, while production takes place at the GM Ramos Arizpe plant in Mexico.

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