The Ford F-150 Lightning is one of the most well-liked electric trucks available.

 It's been so popular that getting one hasn't been easy. With today's update, an F-150

Hopefully, this implies that more people will be able to experience Ford's electric vehicle, 

On May 9th, orders for the Ford F-150 Lightning will be accepted. 

The good news is that everyone who hasn't made a reservation for this electric vehicle may still

A battery-powered F-Series truck may seem a little sacrilegious to you. 

Ultimately, shouldn't pickups be equipped with a large V8 engine? The Ford Lightning has,

More than 200,000 reservations were made for this EV in the year it was introduced. 

Ford was one of the first prominent manufacturers to introduce an electric truck to the market as of right now. 

Not quite here yet, but other automakers like Ram and Chevy are vying for the top spot

For now, the F-150 Lightning is the only significant contender until the arrival of the new electric pickups.

Unless you include the Rivian R1T, which hasn't been producing pickup trucks for more than a century.