The following video is dubbed "muscle car royalty" by Hot Rod Hoarder

, a YouTube expert on barn discoveries and historic cars.

Based on the vintage muscle automobiles shown, it seems to be a fitting portrayal.

These kinds of gatherings usually yield a few rarities, but every automobile 

All of them are amazing, some unique, and some uncommon. Of course.

Here is what H.R.H. was able to cover during their short report on the automobiles

the Beechbend Raceway Park in Richardsville, Kentucky, during the Supercar Reunion

 It's not a supercar meet; rather, it's two days of the greatest things from the 1960s,

complete with plenty of rare Chevys and drag racing.T

The film features a number of vintage and muscle vehicles, 

, but the Chevy Camaro is undoubtedly a recurring motif.

The description of the film is accurate, as it has a decent display of Chevy COPO Camaros