One of the most fascinating automakers in the world at the moment is Lucid Motors. 

One of the world's quickest and most capable electric cars, the Lucid Air, was already

built by the electric car maker. However, the business is diversifying quickly;

a whole new electric powertrain was shown. One that is being used in Formula E already.

And that's what's led us to believe that a Lucid Hypercar could already be on its way.

Because of Lucid Air's success, the business may set lofty goals and do amazing feats.

The Tesla Model range and other premium EVs are very concerned about the Air. 

Even if it costs more, it does provide something a little different. However, the business is truly aiming 

 being unveiled in the most powerful Formula E vehicles in the history of the competition

Furthermore, this powerplant is ideal for a brand-new Lucid hypercar since it is also tuned 

While of course the main drivetrains in a Formula E car come from a manufacture

 Mahindra or Porsche, the Lucid product is on the front axles of the cars