The Lucid Air is an electric vehicle (EV) with over 800 horsepower and a range

The insane specs don't end there, as there is also another variant that has 1,111

One of the main reasons Lucid Air has already won several magazine titles for Car

The primary talking point around Lucid is that its Chief Technology Officer and CEO

, Peter Rawlinson, formerly served as the Chief Engineer for the Tesla Model S. 

 The guy undoubtedly has a lot of experience creating blazingly fast electric vehicles.

The Lucid Air's design seems quite futuristic because to the many advancements

that are being made, yet the package as a whole has a well-balanced appearance. Speaking of statistics

 the front end of the Lucid Air is the most efficient front end in automotive history. T

The lightbar array's headlights are Microlens headlamps. Despite their little size, 

, they are quite strong and dazzling. Additionally, the front of the automobile includes a little aperture

The front windshield spans the front passenger seats and extends from the front of the automobile