Whatever your opinion, Elon Musk is undoubtedly among the world's most powerful individuals

His statements are significant. Furthermore, Elon's musk has already spread throughout

Twitter in the form of dark optimism for the competitor business Lucid Motors' future,

asserting that they are "not long for this world." A little too severe, in Elon's opinion?

 He's telling them that their days are numbered already, when they've barely shown up for the party?

Lucid is not a one-trick pony who wants to show off, get paid, and walk away. Instead, 

armed with some of the greatest new automobiles from the last few years, 

determined to fight rival electric vehicles. Still, Elon could be onto something after all.

 Perhaps he's simply making noise to agitate his rivals who were once engineers. 

We need to quickly examine Tesla's avatar's perspective and the positions of his rivals

Tesla is a divisive and polarizing company. They've been just as heavily criticized

and horrific driving assist accidents as they've been praised for building fast, practical,