An unfortunate owner of a Rivian R1T has been fined $115 for parking in New York City. 

 The R1T pickup truck was not in compliance with the city's particular parking regulations 

commercial vehicles, according to the NYC authorities.

The R1T is automatically categorized as a commercial vehicle in the state of New York due to its weight

However, the proprietor voiced his dissatisfaction, claiming that he was the victim of a now-outdated rule.

In this occurrence, Rivian has been actively engaged. 

 One that detailed the whole incident and was first covered by Inside EVs

The narrative demonstrates the ambiguity around the NYC ordinance and the reasons

The R1T pickup truck was in NYC and parked in a non-commercial spot

Due to its automatic classification as a commercial vehicle

it had to feature commercial plates. It also had to submit to CV regulations. 

The vehicle in question allegedly has the plates, but the R1T didn’t avoid getting a ticket.