The next few months represent last call for Camaro fans everywhere. 

 In case you’ve been living on a deserted island like Tom Hanks in Cast Away, 

you’re probably aware that 2024 is the final model year for Chevrolet’s car

 in its current gasoline-only form. And it’s not even a full production year at that

 because Camaros are scheduled to cease rolling off the assembly line in January 2024.

If you prefer your sixth-gen Camaro with a side of new car smell, but your checking account

looking a little bleak, you might be wondering what the cheapest entry price is for a 2024

A quick visit to Chevy’s website teases a price of $30,900 as the lowest Camaro price,

but that doesn’t include a mandatory $1,595 destination charge that ratchets the true total 

If you’re thinking that $32,495 sounds kinda high versus last years model, you’d be correct.

 It’s about $4,000 more, to be specific. Though in fairness, the turbocharged four-

cylinder engine that formerly motivated the least expensive Camaro is now dead, r