As first reported by GM Authority, the final Chevy Camaro will roll off the

assembly line before the end of 2023 after a condensed production run, bringing 

 end to the sixth generation of the iconic muscle car. That leaves Chevy 

sticky situation when it comes to its NASCAR efforts, as there’s not yet a clear 

successor to replace the Camaro in the Cup and Xfinity Series. 

Like you, we can’t help but wonder – what will replace the Camaro in NASCAR once it’s gone?

Currently, Chevy-allied NASCAR teams race the Camaro ZL1 in the Cup Series, 

while teams in the Xfinity Series utilize the “regular” Camaro. The NASCAR-going Camaros, 

 which don’t share any common parts with the road-going Camaro on sale at dealers

 In fact, The Bow Tie had more wins than rivals Ford and Toyota during the 2023

though it lost the championship.Before going into alternatives to the Camaro,

we should note that NASCAR guidelines state that a manufacturer must compete