It must be a racecar of some kind, surely? The majority of this bizarre Tesla Model S Plaid's body is gone.

Or rather, the old aluminum body has been replaced with a new one.

So why would someone sacrifice a Model S in order to get a few awards? 

The BoostedBoiz has been transforming a Model S in this manner.

With the intention of shattering the existing quarter-mile record of 8.73 seconds,

 they have begun drag racing the S. They have been experimenting with various strategies 

 They eventually came to the conclusion that taking the Tesla's rear half off was the best course of action. 

That's what took place, then. Everything suffered a Sawzall destiny, from the front doors back.

But it was never a perfect Model S. It is what's left over after an accident prepared it to be a racecar. 

Since first hitting the quarter-mile, the EV has been an ever-changing chameleon

First, it hit the track without a body. In that guise, it ran stock wheels and tires but also got

Its time was 8.83 at 149 mph. Impressive, but not good enough for a record.