The Tesla Cybertruck launch has not only been beset by false information, broken promises, 

However, a few days after the provision was widely circulated online by several stories

Tesla withheld the statement stating you couldn't sell your Tesla truck and instead threatened

 to sue you for up to $50,000 if you sold your Cybertruck within a year of purchase.

This fake Tesla Cybertruck regulation shows us what the future may hold for purchasing a new vehicle. 

This would have been a severe fine for you to sell something you paid for with your own funds.

Furthermore, it's sort of hardcore to know that contract stipulations can be added or removed 

without notice in a matter of days, right under our eyes.

Supposedly, after many years, the Tesla Cybertruck is actually set to launch on Nov. 30. 

Many Cybertruck reservation owners are sitting on the edge of their seats,

hoping beyond hope to take delivery of their new truck at the end of this month.

over the weekend, Tesla questioned how much you own your Cybertruck if you bought one