Interested purchasers may feel confidence in their decision-making

when it comes to their next new car purchases with the ownership data provided by J.D.

In fact, Tesla is ranked better in the Premium vehicle brand category than its fiercest rivals,

But there's one reason why a Tesla will never take home a J.D. Power trophy. 

As of right now, Tesla prevents J.D. Power from compiling full owner data.

J.D. Power is unable to fairly evaluate a Tesla's quality and owner satisfaction in

comparison to its competitors without adequate information from real drivers. 

It is also impossible to verify Tesla's resale prices, dealership experiences, or

Tesla owners interviewed by J.D. Power reveal that they’re more dissatisfied

Tesla has had no shortage of quality control issues over the years, from misaligned 

door panels to self-driving software that could land you in an accident.

One mechanic even discovered extensive damage to a Model 3’s underside