Across America, the Lucid Air is already making its way into the garages of eager owners. 

With its fantastic blend of electric performance and elegance, the Air is starting to get 

the recognition it deserves. Doug DeMuro just saw it and was very pleased with

number of aspects of the new Lucid Air, particularly the Dream Edition, which is already sold out.

Doug unlocked the Lucid Air with its minimalist key and stepped into its clean

 The unbroken glass windshield that gives the impression of being outside attracted

him the most, even if the required sun visors look inconvenient.

 The glass is clear, but the sun couldn't penetrate because of the strong hue and metallid

Access to several functions is available via the main screen and the floating 3-in-1 screen pod. 

 Doug pointed out that the Air still has functional buttons, which could make the switch

 from conventional automobiles easier. Doug noted that the Air is longer than the BMW 5

Getting inside the Lucid Air is the most basic. The key fob is a simple one-button design