Among the most recognizable automobiles of the 20th century is the Chevrolet Camaro

The Ford Mustang's main rival in the middle of the 1960s was the Camaro, 

and it has essentially remained such ever since. The Camaro's legendary combination

 of a V8, rear-wheel drive, and a fun driving style has contributed to its enduring appeal.

 Since its launch, the Camaro's super sport (SS) and rally sport (RS) models have provided

A 1967 Camaro RS/SS that Vintage Hot Rods is restoring for a client is the subject

of a recent video on their YouTube channel. Restomodding a 1967 Camaro RS is not cheap,

since the majority of these cars cost more than $50,000. With updated components 

careful consideration of the car's design, it ought to make a fantastic, timeless daily vehicle.

This Camaro RS came stock with a small block engine. The mechanic in the video 

makes it clear that this is a 350 cubic inch small block variant meaning

generated just under 300 horsepower from the factory.