European automakers have the fastest, most stylish, and ultra-luxurious cars for the road. 

For water transport, they've also had a big share of the best amphibious cars of all time. 

But what they probably don't have is a cool Jet ski car like this based on a sports car to terrorize 

 their own territory. Yes, you read it right! A brilliant company in Florida called JetCarUSA,

 Chevrolet, is making this car Jet ski. If you're a tourist or Corvette enthusiast visiting Miami

you can rent or buy this personal watercraft dubbed the Jetcar.

From the ocean waters of Miami to Everglades swamps, these car jetskis have become a new popular 

So, if you happen to visit the sunny Miami coastline and spot a Chevrolet Corvette floating on water

 you're not dreaming. You are looking at the C7 Corvette Jetcar.

Want to watch this C7 Chevy Corvette jet across the water and learn how much this Jet ski car costs,

 what features it has, and what powers it? Think of the Jetcar as a Corvette boat. 

And that's because it is a boat, and being a two-seater without a roof, it is much like a jet ski.