You can be a fan of Tesla's Cybertruck or an enemy. However, it's almost hard to overlook this striking EV. 

 It has taken more than five years to bring the Tesla Cybertruck from an intriguing idea 

Deliveries, according to Elon Musk, will start at the end of November 2023.

Meanwhile, test cars for the production Cybertrucks have been seen in the wild breaking hubcaps, 

trapped in mud off-road, and traversing the California off-road course Hollister Hills.

Supporters of Tesla claim that the vehicle is capable of off-roading. 

However, a practically stock 1996 RAV4 made the same gradient in a third of the time with the ideal clapback

First, someone posted a now-viral video of a production Tesla Cybertruck navigating

obstacle–a series of ledges covered in sand–at the Hollister Hills off-roading course.

Hollister Hills is south of San Jose, California, and a natural place for Tesla to test

The video shows the Cybertruck’s wheels spinning as it stops and starts at each ledge

It is unclear whether the original poster found the truck’s performance impressive