Tesla electric vehicles are computers on wheels, not just automobiles.

 Because of this, programming these electric cars is not too difficult. Cool Tesla features

 are another way that Elon Musk's automaker enjoys entertaining its patrons.

 users of Tesla Light Show may make and download personalized light shows.

One owner enjoyed setting up his Tesla and the neighbor's Tesla to "dance-off" to "Beat It" 

Content creator Tom BetGeorge, who claims to program theme park light

displays for a job, also takes pleasure in creating original light shows with others. 

He shows off his and a neighbor's Tesla vehicles "dueling" to Michael Jackson's "Beat It"

First appearing on Jackson’s iconic Thriller album in late 1982, “Beat It” was released 

Its music video, including an unforgettable dance-off, dropped in March of that year.

Now, four decades later, the song featuring Eddie Van Halen’s legendary guitar solo 

And what better way to celebrate its enduring popularity than with a rocking Tesla Light Show?