The performance, usefulness, and affordability of the Tesla Model Y have made it a popular option 

ever since the general public began to embrace electric vehicles. Edmunds reports that 

the MSRP of a brand-new 2023 Model Y for the basic trim starts at about $43,990

Moreover, the Model Y becomes more affordable due to its eligibility for the $7,500 tax credit.

But after five years, CarEdge predicts that the Model Y would lose almost 39% of its value.

Although the Tesla Model Y may not have the highest resale value, it has recently been suggested

 ruling, used Tesla purchasers may potentially be eligible for Federal tax credits of up to $4,000.

 makes the Model Y attractive to potential buyers of used cars. As there are essential things

to look for when buying a used Tesla Model Y, this list will cover issues and concerns

Even though Tesla tested the Model Y in extreme heat conditions for robustness

 used Tesla Model Y buyers should still check for deep scratches on the surface, 

Once a surface level inspection is complete, buyers must ensure the hood, trunk