Ford's electric vehicle sales have increased by about 15% this year

but the F-150 Lightning EV's problems are not shown by that statistic.

 Its Q3 2023 figures are down a staggering 45%. This information is related to Ford's announcement that

it will be eliminating a shift at the Lightning assembly line due to "quality checks and supply-chain disruptions."

Lightning sales "have tanked," according to a statement sent by the UAW about the layoffs.

This summer, Ford previously had a six-week manufacturing shutdown.

Sales are thus insufficient to replenish inventories from before summer

In Germany, EV sales are plummeting for a different reason than that of the Lightning

However, a connection exists. The reason for the EV scenario in Germany is the expiration

 Put differently, the purchasers' sweet spot for prices has disappeared, making them less affordable. 

And that is the F-150 Lightning's problem. It costs too much. Tesla is cutting costs for new Model Y

automobiles because even they recognize this. They migrate when the going rate is correct.