More than a million EV units were purchased by Americans in a single year

for the first time ever in 2023, as electric vehicles continue to win a steadily larger share of the U.S

Data presented in the “Zero-Emission Vehicles Factbook” by BloombergNEF

 that EV sales accounted for about 7 percent of total vehicle purchases in the USA this year

U.S. EV sales still lag global sales of electric vehicles, which edged upward from 14 percent 

The biggest drivers of battery-electric vehicle sales remain China and, to a somewhat 

American purchases of zero-emission vehicles reached 8.8 percent in 2023’s first half.

Overall, 22 million EVs are currently being driven in China

while 12 million are on the road in Europe, primarily in France and Germany, 

but with Italy and other countries catching up. 

 The electric passenger car fleet in the USA is now about 5.1 million vehicles strong

putting it in third place, but with a 300-percent increase since 2020.