You have to do it yourself if you want it done well. 

That's the right mindset in a lot of circumstances, but for car fanatics, nothing beats 

pulling up in a bespoke vehicle that's been created to your precise specifications. 

This 1965 Chevelle restomod that was made in a garage is an example of this

 as you can see in the video below.

This video, which comes to us via AutotopiaLA, spends over 27 and a half minutes going 

walkaround, and minor history. It concludes with a brief street drive in first person.

The owner claims that the vehicle was initially bought from a friend in excellent shape

with a well-done body, paint job, and interior. Regretfully, the owner had to undergo

frame-off rebuild when the vehicle was struck in the back around six months after it was delivered

The new owner took the chassis to his neighbor's workshop and gave it a lot of enhancements

, while the body went to his buddy's shop. Along with a complete suspension modification