With its amazing mileage and powerful performance, together with its elegant and simple style,

 Lucid Motors has created quite a stir in the electric vehicle market.

With its Lucid Air Pure, Touring, and Grand Touring models, the business has captured 

substantial portion of the EV market, even if it isn't quite the Tesla killer.

However, the optional Lucid Air Stealth Look package distinguishes itself from the rest of the lineup

The 2023 Lucid Air Stealth Look, the bad boy of the Lucid family, embraces the sinister aspect

Industry observers predicted Lucid would dominate the market, but it's not doing so despite

creating ripples on social media. Lucid is still moving forward despite surpassing Tesla 

 At last, the massive new electric car manufacturer is fulfilling orders.

Its new package, called the Stealth Look, is causing a stir in the premium electric vehicle industry

What is Lucid doing differently with their version that is blacked out, then?

Trying to poach the luxury EV market, the Lucid Air Stealth Look brings rather unique