Building a fully custom ride can be hugely time consuming, not to mention very expensive

However, the folks at Ironworks Speed and Kustom in Bakersfield,

California are looking to streamline the process with a new line of custom vehicles.

 Now, we’re checking out where the shop is headed with this bespoke 1971 Chevelle

I wanted to build a car that we could get ahead of the game a little bit,” says 

Ironworks owner Rodger Lee. “Something we’re not trying to stress ourselves 

out on every car, and something I could redo over and over and over.”

They’re meant to be nice cars, they’re meant to look badass,” Lee adds. 

You can have [the look of] these one-off car results, but you also have a car that 

The whole thing rides on a custom chassis with an independent front and rear 

the shop also implemented some custom shock valving to ensure the proper ride quality.

While not quite complete, this 1971 Chevelle gives a good indication of where