The Blue Oval's historic moniker is the Ford F-150 Lightning. 

The first Ford truck that is entirely electric is the F-150 Lightning. The Ford F-150, the most popular

Unfortunately, there are storm clouds over the whole electric car sector due to a new Ford F-150 Lightning issue.

Ford has stopped producing the electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck because of problems with battery fires. 

There have been other automakers with battery fire problems than Blue Oval, 

 broad recall for the Chevy Bolt EV due to the company's severe battery fire problem

The corporation lost more than $1 billion as a result of the recall. After the battery fire incident,

There are two main reasons why the Ford F-150 Lightning's battery issue is so serious 

Drivers are beginning to doubt the electric vehicle's dependability in light of this incidence

The particular kind of battery that poses a fire danger is the second, more concerning reason

why F-150 Lightning battery fires are such a big problem.

GM decided to sever ties with LG due to a number of battery fires