Being a member of the Apple ecosystem may make life better: the iPhone is compatible

 with the MacBook, iPad, HomePod, AirPods, Apple Watch, and... an Apple car? 

Based on what we currently know about the future Apple electric vehicle, that is the idea.

This is really rather little. But, based on this rendering created just for HotCars by 3D 

 Timothy Adry Emmanuel, we may be staring into Apple's vision of the future of personal transportation.

The Apple Car is perhaps the most well-kept secret that the tech company has ever revealed

Since 2015, there have been several representations of what the Apple iCar might look like, 

along with rumors that Apple is working on a vehicle (most recently alongside Hyundai/Kia,

who are on their own EV sprint). Lastly, it seems that Apple's vehicle, known as Project Titan

 sooner the better, given how quickly upgrades from Sony and Honda are already rolling out.

At one point, it was rumored that Apple and BMW would work together to make the Apple iCar.

 It was then thought that Apple could base its car on the electric BMW i3. Those talks