Grab a popcorn because the Ford F-150 Lightning and the gas-powered counterpart

 There has been a backlash against ICE owners by owners of electric trucks

Drivers of Ford F-150 Lightning say they do more truck activities with their vehicles. 

Some may argue that the Ford F-150 Lightning is a superior work truck than the versions 

 that come with internal combustion engines. It is said that EV truck owners use their cars

for more conventional truck tasks, such as hauling, than do gas-powered owners. 

This may irritate people a lot, particularly the ones who won't transition to electric power.

According to statistics analyzed by MotorTrend, around 74% of Lightning owners utilize their vehicles

basis for household tasks including moving appliances, timber, and gardening materials. 

Furthermore, 54% of owners say they go camping once a month. 

 However, just 40% of typical truck owners go camping at least once a month, 

and only 51% utilize their vehicles for monthly home repairs.