In September 2023, Tesla unveiled a revised and more aerodynamic Model 3

 The updated Model 3 made its debut in Denmark, with new technology, a more modern appearance

improved batteries. It is still, however, fundamentally a small four-door fastback family vehicle.

Instagram digital graphic designer Sugarchow tried her hand at envisioning other body types

There are three different designs for a Tesla Model 3 hatchback on SugarDesign_

The first is a hatch, the second is a big hatchback with a sporty appearance, and the third

The front of the Model 3 remains largely unchanged in the renders. Sugarchow 

The roofline of the digital rendering of the Model 3 hatch extends further back, 

The roof does indeed slope down, eventually meeting a more upright rear windscreen.

However, to keep the proportions intact, Sugarchow has added a floating rear spoiler 

The spoiler extends the roofline further back, integrating into the floating wing.

Secondly, the wing would also help with airflow by reducing drag, and improving the EV’s