Ford has released an electric variant of its well-liked full-size truck, the 2023 F-150 Lightning. 

 However, the Lightning still has a long way to go, much like many other EVs. 

Ford decided to stop producing the F-150 Lightning due to recent problems. 

It follows that the Blue Oval's electric pickup's inability to overtake its chief competitor

the Rivian R1T, in sales, is unlikely. Take a peek at what's going on.

The most recent EV sales data was released by Cox Automotive, and the Ford F-150 Lightning

Since Ford started shipping the vehicle in the spring of 2022, sales comparisons between

Overall, however, the Detroit-based automaker's manufacturing of the electric truck was sluggish; 

 in 2022, it only managed to produce 254 F-150 Lightning vehicles.

Ford sold slightly less than 4,300 F-150 Lightning trucks in the first quarter of 2023,

marking an increase in production and delivery. The Rivian R1T has been manufactured for a longer

However, the company has experienced significant delays due to supply chain problems