Those who follow the news are aware of the tremendous push toward being green. 

This is very relevant to the automotive industry, since several manufacturers 

The Ford F-150 and Rivian R1T range statistics aren't exactly wowing customers, despite

The popularity of electric cars isn't what manufacturers had hoped for.

Range anxiety is a contributing factor to the issue, and it will only become worse as it

becomes more obvious that there aren't enough functional charging stations.

Range concern is being lessened in part by the outstanding range of many electric vehicles 

some of which can go over 500 miles between charges. Electric trucks are an exception to this.

For instance, consider the Ford F-150 Lightning. As of right now, its range is 240 miles.

If all you do is drive to and from work, then that's great, but for those who like to travel, 

 If you have any kind of goods to pull, things will only become worse

Again, not a very long range, but the Rivian R1T is an appealing vehicle. The range of the lowest