American startup Lucid is attempting to make a name for itself in the market for electric automobiles

The flagship model, the Lucid Air premium EV car, is meant to provide customers with amazing

In addition to being sleek and contemporary, the design is lovely.

But all of this luxury comes with a cost, and in the case of this car

 There is fierce rivalry in this market, with companies like Tesla and Rivian prepared 

 to provide high-end electric cars with comparable features. 

Perhaps this is the reason the Lucid Air is having trouble making a name for itself, 

but let's examine this stunning car that has high hopes for its customers.

The Lucid Air EV would seem to be just the dream car of every motorist. 

But what do the numbers say? Well, there aren’t that many examples of this car around

In 2022, Lucid reported an increase in sales compared to 2021. 

Two years ago, in fact, we were talking about just 125 vehicles sold.