The Lucid Air Dream Edition range represents the perfect cure for range anxiety.

With an official range rating of more than 500 miles from the United States

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Air Dream Edition is currently the

 But can it go further? Ryan of The Kilowatts YouTube channel took an Air Dream Edition 

 traveling nearly 700 miles on a single charge. When wearing 19-inch wheels

 Lucid’s Air Dream Edition has an official EPA-rated range of 520 miles. 

However, when riding on 21-inch wheels, the EPA-rated range drops to 481 miles.

 The Lucid Air Dream Edition does this while still delivering 933 hp of output and more than 737 lb-ft

There have been attempts to prove that the EPA-rating of the Air Dream Edition applies 

Driving normally as possible, the closest range they got was around 517 miles, 

with other driving achieved nearly 500 miles. But The Kilowatts’ hypermiling 

Ryan will try to squeeze the EV’s battery to the last charge, employing various techniques to do so.