Automakers are aiming for more metrics than just range in the fiercely competitive EV market. 

 The Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S Plaid have already exchanged punches once in the performance

And now, the German company is taking direct aim at Tesla's high-performance competitor

Manufacturers and car aficionados alike find refuge in the 12.94-mile asphalt ribbon 

that stretches across the German countryside, known as the Nurburgring. Known as the ultimate 

performance automobile test, this tight, uneven, and winding circuit offers a unique challenge.

As a result, lap time at The 'Ring has developed into a kind of standard.

A Nurburgring lap has evolved into a type of marketing exercise more than

else with the introduction of each new generation of sports cars, GT cars, and now electric vehicles.

If, instead, automakers tested cars on the picture-perfect pavement of Silverstone 

 Watkins Glen, there would be no requirement for shock absorption.

As such, any car even hinting at performance would end up being F1-level stiff