The Tesla Model S and X are the talk of the town when it comes to high-end electric cars. 

 But in the face of fresh, electrified rivals like the ground-breaking Lucid Air,

But, despite its promise of an astonishingly long single-charge range, Lucid Motors' high-end 

able to provide the factual proof that EV adoption proponents require to prevail in heated discussions. 

The Air Grand Touring, one of the most expensive models under the moniker

has the longest range of any Lucid vehicle. In particular, the Grand Touring is the

longest-legged EV available on the market with an estimated 516 miles of range according to the EPA. 

That’s excellent news for EV shoppers who want a luxury electric car with an industry-leading range

Further, the Grand Touring’s impressive range is courtesy of its 112-kWh battery pack.

Better yet, the Air Grand Touring features DC fast charging that can replenish around 300

Even the entry-level Pure’s 410 miles of single-charge range is enough to outlast the 2023 Tesla Model S’

2023 Lucid Air is largely unrivaled by other EVs in the luxury electric car segment.