The Ford F-150 Lightning has been a well-liked electric truck ever since it was introduced.

 It is based on the classic F-Series truck and is the Blue Oval's maiden entry into the battery-

 The Ford Lightning is now entering the European market, having begun in Norway. 

Ford seems to be planning to ship its electric pickup vehicle across the Atlantic to be sold in Europe. 

Similar to how popular the Ford Lightning is in the United States, 

highly sought after elsewhere. Furthermore, Norway will be the F-150 Lightning's first trip. 

Rumors had said that Germany will get an electric pickup first, 

but it seems that Norway was the lucky recipient. It will be sold as the Lightning Lariat Launch

Edition and will only be available in a restricted quantity. The Blue Oval is taking action

 to make sure the Lightning can succeed because of Norway's severe weather. 

In Norway, EVs are already quite common. The Ford Mustang Mach-E is really one

We in America may be surprised by it since it can be really chilly in Norway