Since its release, the Ford F-150 Lightning has generated a lot of attention.

The Blue Oval, one of the first electric trucks from a big manufacturer

Additionally, it seems that part of that demand is coming from unconventional sources

 In terms of who typically buys a full-size vehicle, anyhow. 

The F-150 Lightning is making a name for itself as an electric vehicle

Although it costs more than the F-150 with gasoline, it yet has a conventional pickup-like

 The Ford Lightning does not seem to have a very dramatic design when compared to a standard

Though it may have a conventional appearance, early adopters have come from unexpected locations. 

More than 60% of those who purchase this truck, according to the Detroit Free Press

are under 50 years old. Gen Xers or Millennials make up the bulk. 

The fact that 70% of purchasers have a bachelor's degree is another distinction. 

That percentage is 42% for trucks that use internal combustion engines.