Since they were first introduced as basic workhorses, pickup trucks have advanced significantly. 

These days, many feature leather interiors, 360-degree cameras, and price tags that may reach 

well over $60,000. With F-Series vehicles that have the ability to attach a trailer with 

only a button press, however, it seems like Ford has elevated the game.

 Additionally, the Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck has access to the capability. 

Ford F-Series trucks come equipped with a function called Pro Trailer hook 

 Assist that makes it simple for drivers to hook up a trailer. With the stroke of a button

 trailer coupler without having to get out and do a whole production to verify alignment. 

The technology, which can be found on vehicles like the F-150 Lightning,

hitches a trailer using computer vision, artificial intelligence, and some machine learning. 

 technology seems like something from the future, it seems that it will arrive sooner rather than later. 

According to Blue Oval, there are sensors in place to avoid mishaps, and it can detect a trail