The Ford F-150 Lightning isn't exactly improving as engineers work feverishly to resolve a critical problem. 

Due to an unexplained Ford F-150 Lightning battery issue that is being found in further vehicles,

 production is currently on hold. Fires caused by electricity shortages are the reason.

Although the specific source of the new Ford F-150 Lightning battery issue is unknown, 

Regarding the specifics that caused the manufacture and delivery of new F-150 Lightning 

But one lightning pack caught fire lately. This is troubling since electric cars, like the Chevy Bolt,

Ford sent out a customer service notice one week before to the fire advising the owners of a few cars 

repair a few items in order to stop the high-voltage battery from degrading in function.

 Thus far, the problem has affected around 100 models. 

Furthermore, there is no indication that the Lightning fire is related to the performance issues. 

Therefore, a different kind of hardware or software issue with the batteries may affect

MotorTrend states that no new vehicles will be shipped until the issue is fixed. A few weeks might pass