The first completely electric F-150, the Ford Lightning, is starting to gain

widespread recognition. However, it is not the original F-150 Lightning

The 1993–1995 Lightning has this distinction; it was a potent special edition that helped

age of the supertruck. And the Lightning was a perfect way to end the square-body F-150.

The 1993–1995 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning, known as the "square body" model, 

 had an engine tuned for 240 horsepower and a lowered, stiffer suspension

However, SVT did not equip the Lightning with a supercharger until the second iteration

The Special Vehicle Team's (SVT) changes primarily addressed the suspension of the F-150. 

The team's first vehicle was a ninth-generation F-150 regular cab/short bed, which was 

The Lightning was RWD, but they chose the tougher 4WD frame and strengthened it even further

The vehicle was lowered 2.5 inches at the back and 1 inch at the front. Subsequently

Monroe Formula GP shock absorbers, and an extra leaf spring intended to prevent wheel hop.