With fewer than two years before its demise, the future of the famous Camaro brand is in doubt.

With sales down and issues made worse by the electrification of the car industry,

Chevrolet seems to be rushing to replace its best-selling vehicle, which isn't the Corvette.

To the great advantage of Chevrolet and General Motors, the realm of digital art 

 and sports car renderings provides manufacturers with an infinite source of inspiration

Fortunately, we have HotCars digital artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel (Adry53) to help 

Chevy had time to devise a remedy after our first story some years ago, but as of right now

the idea is to swap the Camaro for an electric vehicle sedan

 which would be a tragic and unworthy conclusion for the iconic Camaro.

But Timothy, who recognizes the value of the American pony car

manages to walk the fine line between internal combustion engine and electric vehicle

Let's look more closely at the specifics and see what more Emmanuel has to offer.