Aston Martin (AM) and low-volume manufacturer Lucid announced a collaboration 

 this morning to provide AM with access to premium EV technologies.

Lucid will supply its cutting-edge battery electric motor technology to the British carmaker

 return for money and a part in the business, a deal that will improve operations for both car brands.

Aston Martin and Lucid have struck some common ground in the fiercely competitive realms

Despite great evaluations and a strong choice of cars, both luxury auto manufacturers

Therefore, the premium and sports vehicle manufacturers should benefit from Aston Martin

It’s important to note: Lucid isn’t struggling for the same reason as other EV upstarts

While VinFast and Fisker struggle to produce quality products (or any products at all),

both critics and buyers love their new Lucid Air EVs. From customer feedback 

MotorTrend to reviews from the likes of Car and Driver, U.S. News, Consumer Reports, and The Smoking Tire

 the Lucid Air is one of the best cars in this class of freshman electric vehicles.