Ram is by no means the first company to introduce an electric vehicle to the market.

However, it seems like the 2025 Ram 1500 REV could be worth the wait.

 It also seems to be aiming directly at the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Does it has the necessary qualities to defeat the Blue Oval?

The long-awaited Ram electric truck has finally materialized after years of rumors

You can't really go to a dealership and acquire this truck, so kind of here

In spite of Ram having only recently disclosed further details about its entry into the

electric vehicle market, bookings for the Ram 1500 REV are actually already fully booked. 

Despite not truly looking like the all-electric concept truck that Ram unveiled earlier in the year,

The Detroit Big Three are launching electrified trucks or already have them. The Chevy Silverado EV

Ram 1500 REV, and Ford F-150 Lightning are available

The first major brand's electric truck to join the market is the Ford Lightning.