Although Lucid hasn't exactly had an easy ride in the EV market, it doesn't really matter.

We anticipate that the Lucid Gravity will release massive quantities of electricity

Lucid has announced that it will launch the Lucid Gravity Electric SUV in 2024, after many delays

Of course, there is a reason for the delay.

With its basic trim, the Lucid Air produces 480 horsepower, while its Air Sapphire trim produces 1200+ 

Furthermore, Lucid Gravity is anticipated to adhere to a comparable structure

With the horsepower to take on racing challenges, the Lucid Gravity is expected to be a very capable

 spacious SUV. immediately after the children's school drop-off.

There have, of course, been some delays in getting Lucid back on track. As expected, 

issues are inevitable. Not only should your car be the world's most beautiful

even if that is a relatively abstract goal—it should also be the fastest and the one with the

Lucid Gravity's ambition leads us to have to guess some crazy numbers.