The Ford F-150 Lightning, which goes on sale in 2023, may be the next large family car.

It is an electric vehicle with many positive attributes, including being an F-150, of course.

 Good Housekeeping's endorsement may be added to the F-150 Lightning's list of accolades

 which could persuade some families to give it a try.

While most people think that sedans and SUVs make the best family cars, some customers prefer trucks

 The 2023 F-150 Lightning's strong ranking on Good Housekeeping's list of Best Family Cars 

may be attributed to the growing trend of electric vehicles among families.

It barely holds five people, so it's not ideal for big families, but if you have that all-important number,

 This is due to the many unique characteristics that set the 2023 F-150 Lightning apart.

Its big bed is ideal for utilizing for work, pleasure, or simply packing up before traveling to the beach, 

You may use your F-150 Lightning as a generator for your home if the power goes 

 Additionally, it may be used to power up your camping equipment.