When Tesla presented the Roadster, its first electric production vehicle, in 2008,

the automotive industry went crazy. At first, electric vehicles appeared like a pipe dream,

but after seeing how amazing the Tesla Roadster was, enthusiasts began to believe that maybe

It's amazing to see how far the electric vehicle (EV) industry has progressed in the present day.

With more than five models in production, Tesla has emerged as the industry leader in EV

attracting both established and emerging manufacturers to the rapidly expanding market

The former new EV firms that have emerged in the recent several years are the subject of this article.

Soon after seeing how profitable Tesla had become in little over a decade, business people

quickly entered the market with rival firms. While some of these new EV businesses 

 are creating direct rivals to Tesla's models in an effort to take market share,

others are developing brand-new EV products in response to shifting consumer preferences.

Let's investigate some of the top emerging EV businesses now operating.