Rivalries abound in the automotive industry. There's General Motors vs. Ford

 However, these well-known competitions primarily focus around the old-fashioned

combustion engine. A new rivalry is forming in the electric vehicle world. 

The focus is clear as we look ahead to the future. The automobile industry is 

transitioning to a more environmentally-friendly mode of production. New, all-electric cars 

are being released by luxury automakers on a regular basis

In the EV sector, these two 2022 electric cars have a rivalry unlike any other.

Tesla vs. Lucid is the topic at hand. When it comes to the strategy for the electric vehicle business

it's safe to say that Tesla is at the vanguard. However, Lucid Motors, based in California

has decided to compete head on with Tesla and CEO Elon Musk. 

The Lucid Air is one of the most luxurious electric automobiles, defying 

Lucid Motors is best known for supplying battery packs to Formula E race cars.