For any enthusiast, owning one of the fastest vehicles in the world is the stuff of dreams, 

 but in practice, keeping a ridiculously fast automobile in your garage may have drawbacks. 

After putting the 1,020 horsepower, 0-60 mph in only 2.1 seconds Tesla Model S Plaid

What basic facts about owning a vehicle can we learn from their story?

After buying a Model S Plaid, Reddit user "blmlozz" recently shared on the r/Cars forum that, 

after six months, it has been "the best and worst car [they've] ever owned."

According to Blmlozz, the Model S Plaid is "quick to the point of being indescribable"

They rave about how the lightning-fast, three-motor Tesla can accelerate from 70 to 130 mph

They suggest making “millimeter adjustments” to throttle input to avoid surpassing speed 

However, the user says in their six months of Plaid ownership, the car has taught

them an expensive life lesson, most notably, “once you reach the peak of the mountain,

there is nowhere to go,” and that “sometimes the chase is more of a thrill than the ride.”