It would seem like a sensible move for the brand to release a Tesla Model 2

another entry-level electric vehicle (EV) in the portfolio.

But, the current Tesla Model 3 is already more inexpensive for prospective Tesla EV

purchasers than it formerly was following many price reductions. 

 Therefore, is a Tesla Model 2 really essential given the availability of the 2023 Tesla Model 3

 and the redesigned 2024 electric vehicle at more affordable price points than before?

In 2023, the Tesla Model 3 will be the most affordable vehicle from the brand. In particular

 the base price of the Model 3, with a single motor, is around $38,990. 

Moreover, the more robust top trims of the Model 3 range in price from $45,990 to $50,990.

The long-discussed Tesla Model 2 EV will occupy the spot of the car with the lowest entry-

While decreasing Model 3 prices might open the budget-minded Tesla electric car

If value is among the factors driving your decision to switch to a Tesla, you should seek elsewhere.