Luxury electric vehicles are becoming more widely available as manufacturers carve 

out a market niche that some consumers are prepared to pay for

 Not only are ultra-high performance electric vehicles (EVs) like the Tesla Model S Plaid a

Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance pricey, but they can also outperform gas-powered 

drag strips and comfortably transport a family of four along with their belongings back home.

CarWow is rapidly taking the drag racing world by storm on YouTube, where users can compare 

various automobiles from across the globe and discover how well they accelerate and brake.

In the most recent episode, the powerful Porsche Turbo S will square off against the Lucid Air 

 discover whether these bulky sedans can prevail only through sheer might.

When comparing automobiles, stats are what really matter, and both machines seem to have 

A limited-edition Air model released to commemorate the beginning of

manufacturing is the Lucid Air, also known as the Dream Edition. It has a dual-motor,